15 Amazing ways to reuse your tea bags

Tea is an amazing drink with loads of health benefits, but did you know there are many other brilliant ways it can help you? Tea bags are often discarded once used but with a little creativity and forethought, you can reuse your old tea bags in many ways. 

Here at English Bruw we only sell whole leaf tea or teas that have infuser bags so this article will focus on the magical ways we have found to recycle the used tea leaf and infuser bags and some of these will surprise you!

Used tea leaves are a precious resource that can help you in your home, make your skin better and help your garden.

First, you must dry the used leaves or tea bags fully. This can be done in the sun or by warming them in the oven until fully dried. The tea leaves are now called Chagara which translates from Japanese as "tea leftovers". It is important that the leaves are fully dried as you don't want any mold to ruin the Chagra.

Read on for the 15 tips to reusing your tea bags

  • Used Infuser tea bags can have a few drops of your chosen essential oils added to them to make wonderful room deodorisers. This is because tea leaves, like coffee granules, absorb odours.
  • Use them in a foot bath or in your bath to add a delightful aroma and to benefit your skin. The antioxidants in tea will enhance your bath and of you use herbal tea such as Chamomile then you will get the added bonus of extra relaxation!
  • No more smelly shoes when you add an infuser bag as the odours will be absorbed.
  • Wet 2 bags and apply to puffy eyes for a refreshing treat just like applying cucumber to your eyes to reduce the puffiness.
  • Clean mirrors. glass and metal utensils with your infuser bag to get a superb gleam and zero costs!
  • Fed up of mice and spiders in your house? Just strategically place some dried tea bags around the house where the pests come in and you will soon have a spider free zone. Mice don't like the smell of tea and if you add peppermint oil then this will warm off those pesky spiders.
  • Use the old infuser bags to flavour your pasta or grains for added taste and to up the antioxidants.
  • Make more cups of tea! Your tea bags can be reused multiple times, saving you money and ensuring you get all the benefits daily. The taste will dissipate the more you use them so do this 3-4 times only for best results.
  • Use them in your garden to add essential nutrients to the soil and the worms will love you. The leaves are brilliant for this.
  • Clean carpets and rugs with the scattered leaves to deodorise them.
  • Condition your hair by rebrewing tea and using it to rinse your hair post shampooing.
  • Give a brilliant shine to your wooden furniture and hardwood floors by using rebrewed tea water as a polish.
  • Apply warm reused tea bags to blisters, infections, and cuts to reduce the pain and naturally soothe the skin.
  • Remove garlic, onion, and chili smells from your hands by using the tea bags or leaves as a natural hand scrub.
  • Finally, why not use the infuser tea bags to effectively remove food dirt from your dishes. Think of how bad your dishes get when making a roast!

Here is a recent video of me cleaning some glass from a garden table with some used tea infuser bags


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