15 sustainable tea companies


Cat Spring Yaupon Tea, based outside Houston, Texas grows US Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic yaupon tea (the only known caffeinated leaf on North American soil). It also created a Working with Dignity program that offers jobs to people exiting the criminal justice program, as well as sex-trafficking survivors, with the goal of helping them transition into other meaningful employment.

The Dachi Tea Company, English Bruw  and Five Mountains Tea all operate direct trade models for the trade of their teas.

The Graviola Tea Company that is based in New Mexico, directly sources leaves from the soursop fruit trees in the Samosir region of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Honest Tea  sells iced tea, which is ethically and sustainably produced and organic. The company is certified Fair Trade.

Finlays  participates in various multi-stakeholder initiatives. For example, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) , a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe, as well as the Tea2030 Initiative, of which Finlays was a joint founder. The Tea 2030 Initiative sought to identify systemic sustainability issues impacting on the tea industry from the growing through to the consumer interaction. It is also a member of various certification schemes including ISO 22000, the Rainforest Alliance Certified™, the Ethical Tea Partnership, Fairtrade and the Organic Certification by The Soil Association.

Clipper Teas  sells organic and GM-free teas.

Arbor Teas uses sustainable farming approaches. All its teas are organic, and some Fair Trade. All of its packaging is compostable.

Numi Organic Teas offers a 100% organic selection to reduce damage to the environment. It produces organic and Fair Trade bagged tea. The company is committed to recycling.

Art of Tea purchases tea directly from small farms and co-ops from around the world, providing families in developing countries with a fair price for their goods. It also buy fair trade teas that are authorised by Transfair USA, ensuring fair working conditions, fair wages and a better life for tea workers from eleven countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

QI Teas  works directly with co-ops of small independent farmers, and purchases its teas directly from them.

Stash Tea gives back to their tea producing communities through charitable work and donations, thereby improving the livelihoods of the communities.

Teatulia own a 3,000+ acre tea garden in Bangladesh. By using sustainable farming practices, they regenerate the land, replenish the soil and support the local economy.

Tea Pigs is the only tea brand to have been awarded the A Plastic Planet Plastic-Free Trust Mark. Not all of its teas are organic but they are 100% natural and tested against pesticides.

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