Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea And Weight Loss

Does stepping onto the scale always end with a sense of discouragement? Whether you'd like to drop 5 pounds or 50, weight loss can be challenging. You're probably familiar with the main tips for losing weight — eating healthier foods, consuming fewer calories and getting regular exercise.

If you're already focusing on those standard steps but would like to do a little something else to help the scale trend downward, consider making a change to your daily beverage habits. Drinking green tea throughout the day may help to boost your weight loss progress. This powerful beverage is packed with good-for-you ingredients that may improve your health and help you drop pounds.

A Mug of Caffeine

Everyone's familiar with the idea of starting the day with a cup of coffee for the jolt of caffeine that it provides, but coffee isn't your only option for a morning pick-me-up. Tea contains caffeine as well, and it offers it in more reasonable doses. A serving of tea gives you about a quarter of the amount of caffeine that's in a serving of coffee. This can provide a measured energy boost without a harsh crash in a few hours.

The caffeine in tea is great for a morning wake-up, but that's not the only benefit that it offers. It turns out that caffeine may also help with your goals for dropping pounds. For one thing, consuming caffeine can speed up your resting metabolic rate. In fact, drinking a caffeine-containing beverage can keep your metabolism high for several hours afterward.

Although this can be effective for all people, it's especially useful for those who are already somewhat trim. The metabolism-increasing effects of caffeine are less pronounced in those who are obese. Although this might feel discouraging if you have a lot of weight to lose, keep in mind that consuming caffeine will still be somewhat effective. Plus, the more pounds you drop, the more your metabolism will go up when you drink tea.

In addition, caffeine can help you get more out of exercise. According to one review of various studies on caffeine, your workout sessions might be about 12 percent more effective if they're fueled by a dose of caffeine. This may, in part, relate to the fact that people don't seem to feel winded or drained during exercise quite as quickly if they've had some caffeine first. In other words, this chemical may help you push your body harder or for longer.

Despite the documented increases in metabolism and exercise performance that are brought on by caffeine consumption, research on caffeine-induced weight loss has had mixed effects. However, scientists who have reviewed many of the existing studies have come to the conclusion that consuming caffeine can actually help you lose weight. It can help you lower your BMI and reduce your overall body fat.

A Powerful Source of Antioxidants

Caffeine isn't the only useful compound in a cup of tea. Another one of the incredible benefits of green tea is that you receive an influx of antioxidants every time that you drink it. The most important antioxidant in tea is a catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Just like caffeine, EGCG can influence your body's metabolic rate. Research demonstrates that this antioxidant can raise levels of energy expenditure; in other words, it can improve your metabolism.

Together, the caffeine and the EGCG in a serving of tea may potentially have a significant effect on metabolic rate. In fact, some researchers believe that the two compounds interact with one another in such a way that their combined effects are more powerful than individual use of both compounds would be.

Metabolism boosting is not all that EGCG is good for when it comes to weight loss. This catechin may also help to maintain your body's levels of the hormone norepinephrine. It does this by inhibiting the work of an enzyme that is destructive to norepinephrine. Keeping norepinephrine levels high is useful for weight loss because this hormone encourages the breakdown of fat cells. The higher that your norepinephrine levels are, the more quickly that you may be able to drop weight.

An Easy Beverage Replacement

There's another reason that green tea weight loss works, and it doesn't require any fancy scientific research to understand it: Green tea is a healthy beverage choice. If you're filling your cup with tea throughout the day, then you're getting a flavorful drink that's not laden with calories or sugar.

Instead of reaching for sugary juices or sodas, you can satisfy your cravings with hot or cold tea instead. Tea is also a great substitute for sweet coffee concoctions. By choosing tea instead of those other drinks, you can easily decrease your overall sugar and calorie consumption.

Just take care to prepare your tea in the right way. The low-calorie way to drink tea involves not adding milk or sweetener. If you need a splash of milk or a spot of honey in your tea, that's okay, but make sure to go easy on these additions.

A Simple Plan for Green Tea Weight Loss

If you want to add regular tea consumption to your weight loss plan, aim to drink at least four cups a day. You should have the first one right after you get up.

After that, wait a bit to have breakfast. When you're ready to eat, first drink another cup of tea. Then you can have your meal.

Do the same thing at lunchtime and dinnertime: First sip tea, then begin eating your food.

Of course, you can add a few additional cups of tea throughout the day if you'd like. Consider replacing your mid-afternoon soda with a healthy mug of tea.

Drinking tea hot or cold is perfectly fine; choose whichever preparation you prefer. However, for maximum health benefits, do take care when brewing your tea. After heating the water, let it cool for several minutes before adding the tea leaves. Steeping them at a moderate temperature rather than at an extremely high heat helps to preserve the beneficial compounds in the tea, such as EGCG. Just a couple of minutes in the warm water is all that green tea leaves need.

An Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Keep in mind that reaping the benefits of green tea for weight loss will be most effective if you consider tea just one part of your healthy lifestyle. On its own, a few cups of tea each day might not be enough to help tip the scales. However, when paired with other healthy choices, drinking tea can be quite beneficial.

It's important to eat a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods. Your meals and snacks should be low in both calories and sugar. Choosing tea as your beverage can be a great complement to such a diet.

You should also exercise regularly. If you usually dread working out, keep in mind that drinking tea can help fuel your body for fantastic exercise sessions. With a serving of tea on your side, you may be able to exercise for longer or with greater effectiveness than you have in the past.

Are you ready to give green tea weight loss a try? No matter your weight loss goals, adding several cups of tea to your daily routine can be a healthy choice. Thanks to the caffeine and EGCG in this drink, you may soon notice that you look trimmer and that you feel great too.

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