How drinking green tea helped me lose weight

This short article will show you how a former Ironman Triathlete and Ultramarathon runner managed to lose weight without changing anything apart from adding green tea to his diet.

"Drinking Green Tea helped me lose weight safely and steadily. I recently found myself at a crossroad when it came to weight loss. I have never been one for diets as such as I found the whole thing to be about deprivation and calorie counting. In recent years I had totally stopped my fitness regimes and had started to put on a few lbs."

I had an epiphany of sorts when I was training for the many Ironman Triathlon I have completed. I discovered that no matter how much I ran, swam or cycled I could not get below 13 stone!

I have always had a good diet and although I do enjoy drinking wine and the odd beer my diet is pretty on point.

So why couldn't I get below 13 stone?

At this stage, I had been training for 5 years and had dropped around 3.5 stone and was the fittest I had ever been. Yet I still had a gut and I still felt sluggish no matter what I did.

I tried increasing my sleep, stopping alcohol, changing my diet, and pretty much experimented with anything and everything with no noticeable or measurable results.

Then I read two very important books

Why We Get Fat - By Gary Taubes


Wheat Belly - By Dr William Davis

 These two books opened my mind to what happens with the body and how we process food. In particular, the effect wheat has on the body and how genetically modified it is.

At the same time, I was researching how drinking tea can benefit the body in many ways. In particular Green Tea and how its polyphenols and catechins can boost metabolism, significantly increase fat loss and stop the body from storing fat.

So I changed just 2 things in my diet and the results were staggering.

I stopped eating wheat of any kind and I started drinking green tea every day. The no wheat was really, really difficult as wheat is so prevalent in society. You try to pop into a garage and get something to eat that has no wheat!

It's practically impossible.

However, drinking lots of cups of green tea every day was easy! I tried all kinds of green tea from Matcha to flavoured but a small selection of particular teas swiftly became my drink of choice.

My stand out favourites were the Earl Grey Green Tea for breakfast, the Organic Green Tea at lunch and the Acai Green Tea when I wanted refreshment.

Within 30 days I had lost a stone and managed to hit 12 stone on the scales!

I hadn't been 12 stone for over 20 years and the strange thing was that I had changed nothing apart from removing wheat and adding green tea. 

As my Ironman Triathlon racing started to lose its appeal I took up ultra running and went on to complete many races of all kinds of distances up to 100 miles. I found that drinking green tea massively helped my recovery and gave me the mental clarity needed during the night stages of long races.

After 12 years of racing, I decided to hand up my trainers and took up Hot Yoga. The weight slowly began to creep back on. Not much just a pound or so every few months. Obviously, now that I was no longer running 100+ miles per week that was natural.

So after a couple of years of doing very little, I found myself back at 13 stone and one day I decided I'd had enough.

I looked back over my diet for the last 2 years.

I had been eating sandwiches again, I loved pizza, fajitas, cheese and biscuits, and wine!

I had stopped drinking green tea and had gone back to coffee.

So a new regime was started 6 weeks ago and once again I changed nothing in my diet apart from removing wheat and drinking green tea.

And once again the weight fell off and I'm back under 12 stone and looking and feeling great again.

I am not a medical professional and I am simply giving my experience as a former athlete who struggled to lose weight no matter what level of exercise I did."

So try some green tea and see what a difference it can make to your life.


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