The 6 ways that drinking Green Tea improved my health

I recently went to my doctor for a variety of ailments that were annoying me. It seemed that once I had turned 50 my body started to annoy me in little ways that were becoming more irritating as time went on. The doc prescribed me a series of medication and the usual suggestions but I wasn't happy so I started to research ways I could heal myself naturally and Green Tea was the surprising winner by a long way.

Here is a list of the ailments and the reasons why drinking 1-3 cups of Green Tea every day massively helped me.

  • My hands were suffering more and more with arthritis pain. I have not had a particularly manual job, selling and typing isn't that stressful but a bout of furniture cleaning and gardening caused significant stress to my hands. I discovered that the anti-inflammatory compounds contained in Green Tea worked as a powerful antioxidant and gave superb relief. Studies have shown that the polyphenols also help with the bodies auto-immune response related to arthritis.
  • I had developed allergies that I never seemed to have, tress pollen, cats, dogs, and cigarette smoke all gave me severe sinus issues. The inflammation caused drove me crazy and yet once I started drinking Green Tea the inflammation reduced and my reactions seemed to ease.
  • My mind was clearer when working and throughout the day. This is because of the EGCG found in green tea helps the mind to relax while the natural caffeine gave me a steady boost of clarity and helped me to concentrate more. No more high sugar energy drinks for me!
  • My eyes were deteriorating with difficulty with long and short-sightedness. Once I started a regime of drinking 2-3 cups a day my vision improved remarkably, especially when working on my computer. I found this was due to the catechins found in green tea which help all round vision.
  • I have always had a big thirst and have always drunk lots of water. In a strange way, this made me more thirsty! Once I started drinking more tea my thirst was reduced and I felt more hydrated.
  • My doctor was surprised and very happy when 2 months into my new regime he checked my heart rate, blood pressure and asked about my stress levels. All had reduced and yet I had done nothing else than have my 2-3 cups a day

There are many other well-documented benefits such as reducing the risks of cancer due to the amazing polyphenols, antioxidants, and EGCG. I don't have any cancer that I know of but it's reassuring to know that drinking tea every day is helping me.

So there you have my own personal account of how drinking 2-3 cups of Green Tea every day has helped my health, stress levels and longevity. Why not give it a try yourself and post your comments below.

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