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The wonderful world of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is an unusual tea in terms of how it is harvested and it's colour but it has many benefits to health and it's unique taste and aromas make it a superb drink to enjoy any time of the day. Here at English Bruw we like to offer a great selection of Teas to appeal to all taste buds.

Revolution Tea is one of our preferred brands and their Dragons Eye Oolong Tea has to be experienced to be believed!

We also sell the fabulous Blackberry Jasmine Oolong tea which is incredibly refreshing and the aromas of delicate jasmine and juicy blackberry just oozes out of every cup.


Oolong Tea is different from Green or Black tea in that it is only semi oxidised. This means it spends a certain amount of time in the strong sun where it withers and twists but does not go the full dark colour of black tea. The flavours vary widely depending on where the tea is cultivated and the length of time of firing the leaves.

This sort of tea may not be the first tea that springs to your mind when talking teas and is not as popular as green or black tea, but it has many similar health benefits. Some of the many benefits include

  • May help prevent diabetes because the polyphenol antioxidants are thought to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar its thought that
  • Increases your metabolism and decreases the amount of fat absorbed from your diet and as a bonus the enzymes will help your body use stored fat for energy! 
  • This delicious tea is also renowned for reducing blood pressure which reduces your risk of stroke.
  • This remarkable cup of tea when drunk after eating can increase your metabolism for up to 2 hours which can help with weight loss.
  • In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and protect against certain types of cancer.

Because Oolong is not as full bodied as other teas it makes it a less tannic drink than say drinking black tea such as English Breakfast Tea. Whilst black tea consumption may be the biggest in terms of volume, this tea is finding a special niche along with herbal tea as a dietary aid.

The tea leaves used in this special type of tea are from the same plant as most teas, camellia sinensis. It's is the unique plant cultivars that make oolong different. There are many different types of oolongs and they all vary in flavour depending on where they are grown and how they are processed. Whilst tea consumption of this type of tea will never eclipse the likes of green tea it is becoming more and more popular outside of China and the Fujian Province.

Oolong contains caffeine but this varies depending on the place the tea is grown, the production process and when the leaf itself is actually picked. We sell loose leaf teas as well as the famous infuser bag once serve teas.

At the end of the day, this drink is an incredibly healthy and tasty addition to your lifestyle. Give it a try — you won't be disappointed.

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