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Welcome to the wonderful world of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is a superb tea made from the South African herb aspalathus linearis. Most teas are made from the camellia sinensis plant but rooibos is different. This amazing little shrub gives an array of health benefits and can be drunk at any time of the day as it's naturally caffeine free. While we currently only have a small collection of this style of tea we are working hard on tasting and discovering more. Our preferred selection is made by Revolution Tea and they are an outstanding company who mimic our beliefs and values here at English Bruw.

Our selection includes the following

Honeybush Caramel Dessert Rooibos Tea - This is a truly magnificent tea to drink and is simply delightful to enjoy after a meal instead of a dessert wine!

Citrus Spice Rooibos Tea - A carefully selected blend of herbs and spices are added to make this very special cup of tea.

Health benefits of drinking Rooibos tea.

Rooibos Tea (pronounced Roy-Boss) is a delightful caffeine-free alternative to traditional teas such as green or black tea. It's actually made a native herb called aspalathus linearis. This strange little herb is harvested and cut by hand from the rooibos plant. It is then bruised to encourage oxidation and allow it's natural sweet flavours and colour to be extracted. As this remarkable herb oxidises it becomes redder and sweeter in taste. 

It has a mild, aromatic taste that is sweet and fruity with hints of vanilla and honey. Because it is naturally caffeine free it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Drink it just as you would black or green tea to gain all the health benefits and it's delicious sweet flavours.

Drinking this clever African red tea has many health benefits and here is a brief selection of our favourites.

  • It boosts the amazing antioxidant glutathione in the body. This is more powerful than any other powerful antioxidant, it protects against inflammation, toxins, free radicals, and pathogens. It's is natures own natural detoxifier.
  • This delicious tea also contains Aspalathis which is only found in this sort of red tea. When mixed with nothofagin you have two powerful polyphenols which have spectacular anti-inflammatory properties and cancer-fighting powers.
  • This redbush tea is thought to help to reduce blood pressure. Increases good HDL Cholesterol and lowers bad LDL cholesterol. This also reduces the risk of stroke and is brilliant for heart health including reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Aspalathin, which is found in rooibos tea actively helps weight loss by reducing stress hormones and its ability to balance energy and prevent fat storage. Because the inflammation is reduced this extends to many diabetes benefits. May boost tumor suppression and helping combat cancer.
  • This amazing tea is also purported to help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • As the caffeine content is zero it also helps the body to relax.


All benefits of drinking tea have been compiled from research into the health benefits of tea. These are not to be seen as advice and are just some of our amazing discoveries when we research tea and how good it is for you.

Drinking Rooibos is different from drinking black tea like English Breakfast tea. It's much less full bodied and has a different meta analysis than say white teas or other leaf teas.

This style of herbal tea is found in the Cederberg growing region of South Africa. There are two different forms of this tea, the first is red tea which is when the leaves are oxidised and they turn a reddish brown colour. The second is the green rooibos non oxidised version made in a similar way to green tea. This is more expensive and labour intensive and gives a totally different flavour to the red version.

This fabulous tea comes in our special infuser mesh tea bags which release the sublime flavours and aromas perfectly. This lovely tea can be drunk with milk or sugar and some people add lemon slices or honey to sweeten it.

Black tea consumption still dominates UK tea sales through the millions of cups of black tea made and sold each day. However unusual tea's like Rooibos are finding their own niche in the hot drinks market as a great alternative to black.

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