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Tea Swan is the latest addition to our fabulous range of teas. We choose TeaSwan teas because of their ultra-premium range of teas which we found to be truly delicious. These extraordinary group of individuals has true passion and belief when it comes to tea. They set out to offer the finest range of tea imaginable and this driving force has led to some amazing discoveries. They insist on the finest quality and from packaging to the final taste you really can see and taste the difference.

TeaSwan have exclusive tie-ups with amazing tea growers in multiple countries. From Nepal to China the premium range of teas is remarkable. Their fabulous range includes premium tea to CTC Tea (crush, tear and curl). The traditional range of teas are wonderful and include white tea, green tea, oolong tea, herbal tea and a superb range of flavoured teas.

TeaSwan has set a high standard when it comes to sustainability and pricing. They have cut out the middlemen and set a consumer-focused price. This allows us all to benefit and we can drink amazing tea at a brilliant price. They are constantly looking for new tea and maintain the same passion that started TeaSwan.

This passion starts with sourcing the finest quality tea leaves possible. Once sourced the next step is to ensure it’s purity can be maintained and packaged correctly. Because TeaSwan goes direct to the best tea gardens in the world the price is fabulous. Cutting out the middleman reduces costs and significantly reduces the time normally allocated to delivery and processing.

The result is the freshest tea at a great price and all packaged superbly to ensure optimum freshness. They adopt a strict QC policy when it comes to despatching which is as rigorous as their buying and sourcing policy.

The Vision

TeaSwan has one vision - To spread the love of premium tea around the world. So many people have become indoctrinated into low-grade tea and have never experienced how truly delightful an amazing cup f tea really can be. TeaSwan wants to be the market leader in premium tea by offering the best tea at an affordable price. They have the purest Quality Guarantee which ensures the tea leaves and pure flavour extracts combine to produce fantastic flavours.

Their award-winning teas from around the world include the following

  • Done Green DiamondDone Black FusionGiddapahar Spring WonderMakibari Green TeaPoobong Black tea, earl grey and many more

So the next time you consider buying some premium tea make sure to remember TeaSwan and English Bruw - You won’t regret it!

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