English Bruw was started from our passion and mission to find the perfect cup of tea. This lead to us visiting many countries, trying copious cups, mugs and pots of tea plus a few biscuits along the way!

Once we had decided what we believe to be the best possible cuppa we launched English Bruw. 

Tea is quintessentially English and the British Empire was built and maintained on cups of tea. Here at English Bruw we plan to build our own empire and have chosen Revolution Tea as a fitting brand to start this.

We are based in Weedon in the heart of Northamptonshire, nestled in the beautiful countryside where we can relax and ponder the intricacies of life with a cup of our favorite BRUW. 

A cup of tea isn't just about pouring hot water over a tea bag. To us, it's a ritual and it all starts with the finest ingredients. We are passionate about the teas we drink and sell and so we only source whole leaf teas and not the inferior, dusty and bitter tasting teas that are served in a paper bag. 

Our commitment to changing the way tea is served and sold starts with sourcing the best tea. We then added the best quality infuser bags which allow the true flavour and aroma to shine. Chuck in some outstanding packaging and individually wrapped tea and you have the ultimate resource for your perfect cup of tea