Our Green Tea

Green tea is enjoying a huge surge in popularity as the western world discovers it's fabulous health benefits. Green Tea naturally protects cells from free radical damage and the amazing detoxifying effects of the antioxidants found in Green Tea are truly remarkable.

The damage that free radicals have on the body include atherosclerosis, cancer, and blood clotting. Drinking Green Tea has been proven to be a phenomenal natural aid for reducing and even reversing this.

The Green Tea we have sourced at English Bruw is of the highest quality. Great care is taken from harvest to final production to ensure the blend is of premium quality. Our Organic Green Tea is blended with full leaf rather than dusty leftovers and we blend these full leaf teas from three different estates.

The result is a clean, fresh tasting tea which when blended with real fruit pieces and premium herbs leads to a taste explosion.

We recommend drinking 6-8 cups of our outstanding Green Tea every day to experience the full benefits for yourself.