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Acai Green Tea

Acai Green Tea

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This is our Acai Green Tea and boy is it delicious. We take Sencha which is considered to be the finest Japanese Green tea and blend it with the amazing zingy flavour of Acai berries to create a lovely refreshing cup of tea. 

The flavour of blackcurrant and raspberries combined with the richness of acai and it's amazing antioxidant powers give a sublime combination of taste.

Acai is a Brazilian berry which is teeming with goodness and mixed with the fabulous Sencha tea we believe we have the ultimate health bruw to complement your health and wellbeing.

Benefits of drinking Green Tea

Green Tea has a vast amount of benefits to health and well being. It's high in antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and studies have shown that Green Tea's high-grade polyphenols actively help to reduce the bodies autoimmune response to ailments such as arthritis.

The best way to make green tea depends on your personal taste. Some people love to steep the tea to extract the maximum goodness but others dislike the taste of a heavily stewed tea. The Chinese have a saying "learn to eat bitter", this literally translates to if you can put up with the nasty taste then you will get the maximum benefits. The flavour for some is an acquired taste but as your palate and health improve you will begin to enjoy the taste even more. 

We believe adding the succulence of the Acai berry makes the slightly bitter taste of green tea much more palatable. This isn't to say Green Tea is bitter as it has different flavours for everyone. Green tea has a grassy, almost vegetal flavour which is delightful but strange to some people when they first try it.

Why our teas are different

The premium tea we use is made from whole leaf tea sourced from high elevation growing areas which are mostly on steep slopes. This is time-consuming and labour intensive but is the traditional way tea should be harvested.

We use only the top two leaves and the unopened bud which are carefully and lovingly picked by hand and then gently processed to give the desired result. The "bud" isn't actually a flower, it's the young unopened leaf f the tea plant which is its freshest growth and has the most benefits for health.

The inferior teas which you can buy in supermarkets are harvested in lowland flat areas which are perfect for machine harvesting and costs savings. These machine picked and processed teas use the uppermost leaves and unopened buds and often contain many stalks, older leaves, and stems. They vary in quality and while some may be quite good and taste adequate they will never achieve the high standards set by premium teas.

Our pyramid shaped tea sachets are the next most important ingredient. because we use premium tea we want to to be put in the best possible bag, one that will enhance the flavours and allow the tea to majestically showcase the amazing flavours of the tea alongside the wonderful health benefits. These revolutionary tea sachets are made from a mesh which allows the water to flow through and reserve the health benefits without any nasty unnatural additives.

This Acai Green Tea is made by Revolution Tea who are market leaders in terms of quality, style, and range.

How to make the perfect cup of tea is a question we often get asked here at English Bruw and to help we have written a little blog post so you can try these things to find your own perfect cuppa.

A little tip is to make multiple cups of water and steep the pyramid tea bag for different times in each cup so you can test and see which taste suits your individual palate. 


Chinese Sencha Tea (90%), USA Black Currant & Blackberry Flavour (<5%), Serbian Raspberries (<5%), Brazilian Açai Berries (<5%), USA Açai Berry Flavour (<5%)

Choose from our 16 unique pyramid teabags or our 30 pyramid bags to suit your own tea needs. The 16 tea box of these supreme teas contains individually wrapped pyramid teabags which are great for your home or office. The 30 box is wrapped slightly differently and great for any Acai Green Tea lover. These beautiful teas made by Revolution Tea are some of the best teas we have drunk and we are proud to sell them