Sampler (Comp pk 1)

Sampler (Comp pk 1)

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A selection of 3 flavours from the Best of the Best sample pack

Earl Grey Lavender;

Tropical Green;

White Pear;

Sweet Ginger Peach;

English Breakfast

These are some of the Revolution Tea range and are some of their best selling teas. We love this sample pack as it gives the consumer the chance to try a small selection of these remarkable teas without paying a lot of money for them.

Revolution Teas are truly delicious, after all, why would we sell them unless we thought that! The impressive infuser tea bags that they use allow the whole leaf tea leaves to wallow and relax in the hot water. This helps the full leaf tea leaves to release all their goodness, taste and flavour.

Because whole leaf tea is used this means you won't get any bitter aftertaste. In addition, only natural flavours are used which ensures the purest cup of tea ever!